Learn How To Stop Stuttering In 3 Days

Get unblocked and you will instantly become free to move your speech organs according to the NATURAL SPEECH NORMS, without any restrictions. By following the norms, you will immediately stop stuttering and NORMALIZE your speech  – 100% guaranteed!

Anna Deeter, Etalon Speech Educator and a former conventional speech therapist of 30 years, studied these newly discovered NATURAL SPEECH STANDARDS /NORMS in the Russian language, translated them into English, and started teaching them internationally in 2012. Thousands of people from 40+ countries have become unblocked, stopped stuttering and started speaking freely in only 3 days of the Etalon Speech Gymnastics training. They enjoy living stutter-free today.

If you (or your loved one!) suffer from any type of a so-called “speech fluency disorder”, Anna Deeter can unblock you too so you can become free to easily adjust your “body-mind device” to these simple NATURAL SPEECH NORMS, stop stuttering and become a normal speaker in as little as 3 days.

Follow THESE STEPS to become stutter free!

To learn how this life changing Etalon technology has unblocked so many  former stutterers worldwide, feel free to navigate this website.

See their video and written testimonials, watch Anna’s video lessons, read scientific articles translated from Russian, blog posts and e-books. Do not hesitate to e-mail your questions to Anna.

But before asking Anna for help, take some time for helping yourself first. Educate yourself, fill your brain with adequate information. Help yourself to understand clearly what your problem really is. This knowledge will support you in making your life-changing decision to SIGN-UP for your Etalon Speech Gymnastics course. Get unblocked and adapt your liberated body for the natural speech norms in 3 days. Enjoy your new stutter-free life!

What is the Etalon Speech Gymnastics for the elimination of stuttering based on?

This revolutionary program is based on the natural laws of physiology and an ordinary educational process, which is not much different from any school. As stammering students  acquire additional knowledge about adequate speech, they awaken many functions that have been blocked since the time when stutterers were still young children. Etalon students turn on their attention; thinking, memory and other latent abilities necessary for adequate speech. These skills are: ability to accurately and clearly process information; imagine, pronounce words, self-control and others. Stuttering is not a sickness and does not require any type of therapy or other form of treatment. Stuttering is a psycho-physical block-restriction that can and should be removed from a person so that he/she feels liberated and confident in communication.

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The Etalon Training Program is based on the following fundamental Natural Laws of matter:

  1. The law of FREE WILL of any person (law of instant choice)
  2. The law of conservation of MEI (Matter, Energy and Information)
  3. The unity and struggle of opposites (Word vs. Emptiness)

Do Etalon Educators use therapy treatment, hypnosis, pills or magic?

No. The Etalon method of unlocking stuttering blocks does not use any form of hypnotic, therapeutic or magical procedures. Etalon training has nothing to do with students’ religious believes. It is educational, scientific and suitable for everyone. Any person of any age can and should develop their speaking skills and then, continue to master their ability to speak beautifully for the rest of their life.

There are so many stuttering programs and Speech Pathologists/Therapists. Why should I enroll in the Etalon Speech Gymnastics?

You may choose the way to fight or reduce stuttering as you prefer. Nobody canceled the law of FREE WILL. But by choosing wrongly, you will select the consequences of your wrong choice. All other stuttering programs, Speech Pathologists/Therapists and various MDs offer you a long, slow and hard treatment process.  Then, they expect you to come back to them for another treatment again, and again, and again. They offer never ending support to you. They assure you that it should be a long and slow process, that you will possibly reduce stuttering and improve your speech and language skills in some unknown future. You may spend your entire life on fighting stammering, but still, will not be able to defeat it.

Etalon Speech trainers offer to defeat any form of stuttering with their help once and for all in only 3 days. After graduation, you will never come back to anyone for treatment again. It’s much more rational to understand and learn speaking according to the simple Speech Norms in a short time and then, forget about all those treatments, Speech Pathologists/Therapists and other stuttering specialists forever. It’s much more logical to become just like all normal people in almost no time. You are to decide. The choice is yours and it’s simple: you may turn yourself into an adequate speaker in only 3 days under the guidance of Anna Deeter or keep fighting stuttering with the help of Speech Pathologists/Therapists or other MDs for years, but never win this fight completely. What is more beneficial for you?

You have options: 1. End stuttering in 3 days with Etalon or fight stuttering by yourself (with variable success) till the end of your life. 2.  Make one time investment in solving your problem through Etalon education or keep paying for empty promises of “stuttering cure” specialists with your money, nerves and lost hopes for the rest of your life. Choose for yourself. Whatever you will choose, will remain with you.

Does the Etalon method cure stuttering? What is the process of unlocking?

The Etalon Speech Gymnastics does NOT use any type of therapeutic procedures, therapy or other medical influence. The Etalon course offers only a training process similar to the system of general school  education. It has a strict curriculum and assignments based on the Natural Speech Norms/Standards. By receiving and completing speech tasks, each Etalon student discovers  and expands his/her ability to speak adequately – according to the Natural Speech Norms. The teacher gives assignments. The student completes them, becomes a more experienced speaker with higher developed speech, awakens his/her speaking and mental abilities dormant since childhood.

Why does the course last only 3 days, is this enough?

Most children learn to speak at preschool age on their own, without any courses. Therefore, it is not difficult to teach any stutterer to speak adequately from scratch. After all,  all stutterers are absolutely healthy and have everything necessary for talking normally. A stutterer is similar to a person who  has money in the safe, but has lost the key from it.  He/she too has his/her rich abilities to speak normally from birth, but does not have access to them. His/her abilities are dormant and blocked in his/her mind-body since childhood. They can be unlocked in a very short time. It is  similar to removing handcuffs from a person by choosing the right individual key that fits the lock. Once the key is determined, it takes not much more time to remove any speech block from a stutterer, than to unlock handcuffs with the matching key or to tell a password to the person’s safe so he/she gets access to its content almost instantly.

Suggested Conventional Techniques & Tips that DO NOT Eliminate Stuttering

Normal speakers never do these things that you may be practicing for years:

  • Relaxing Your Body Parts such as Shoulders, Neck, Arms, Speech Organs
  • Calming down before saying something
  • Practicing Talking Alone while looking in the Mirror
  • Doing Vocal Exercises without saying whole words
  • Singing instead of speaking
  • Stretching and blending words
  • Practicing various breathing techniques and articulation exercises
  • Training Yourself to maintain Eye Contact



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