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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is stuttering?
What makes the
Etalon Speech Unblocking Course exceptional
and unique?
If I complete the
course in English, will I also
have good results in my
primary language?
Does Etalon
Speech Unblocking
have anything in common
with speech therapy?
What does the
Etalon Unblocking
Course guarantee?
How can we relearn in
3 days behavior that is
deeply implemented within,
such as stuttering?
How many hours of
teacher’s instructions
will I receive during the
3-day course?
What is the cost
of the Etalon Speech
Unblocking Course?
How do people
develop stuttering?
No one in my family
stutters, why do I stutter?
Will the Etalon Speech
Unblocking Course prepare
me for going through and
being selected for the
job interview?
What causes
people to stutter?
Is stuttering genetic?
Is it possible to
have a stuttering
child if a parent
Why is it that when I’m
alone I talk like a normal
person, but when I’m
around others I stutter?
Why don’t I ever
stutter when I sing?

Live Stutter Free Q&A

Q: “I am a student. How will I benefit from The Etalon Speech Unblocking Program?”

A:  You will no longer hide your eyes from your teachers to avoid being called to answer their questions in the classroom and you will become the first one to raise your hand and offer your answer! After completing your group projects, other students will ask you to present their research findings because you will be the best speaker in their group. You will volunteer to do many presentations for extra credit and you will significantly improve your school grades. You will also make new friends, develop your social skills and establish healthy friendships/relationships with the opposite sex.

Q: “I have recently graduated from college with engineering as my major, but I have failed in three job interviews because of stammering. Will I be able to speak at the next job interview right after I complete the Etalon Speech Unblocking Program”?

A:  Yes! After your graduation, you will be able to pass any job interview, as long as you know your subject matter. Speaking in the interview setting is one of the speech modes our students learn during their class. You will understand what specific actions you would need to do to speak in any situation; answer questions from unfamiliar people and also ask them questions. Whether you will apply for the work of an engineer or any other administrative position, your chances of being selected for your dream job will increase dramatically.

Q: “I am a Speech Therapist. I wonder if the Etalon Speech Unblocking Course can enhance sensory acuity in some people? Does the 3-Day Etalon course improve the social skills of a student? Can it enable him/her to read other better people and to feel more at ease to communicate with them?”

A: Yes, all Etalon graduates experience tremendous improvement in their social skills.  They realize that they are “will-centers of the senses, both internally (from within the various parts of their body) and externally (from the outside world) and that it is this “will-center” that collects sensations/information from whatever it focuses on, at any given moment. Etalon graduates learn that to be able to name any piece of information (speak a word) with their speech apparatus, they need to accurately load this information into their mind through their sensory organs (the physical eyes and ears), as well as from their third-eye (imaginings). Taking the information in (sensory input) and giving it out (sensory output) are two essential parts of the same process, called speech production. The Etalon Speech Unblocking Program is designed to improve each student’s sensory awareness of the present moment. Etalon students learn to select and name the sensory information both around and inside of them. They acquire the skills of reading accurately one piece of information at a time to be able to see, hear, feel (physically and emotionally), smell, or taste it. Accurate observation of a given situation enables a person to name it with an appropriate word. When people hear words appropriate to the situation they understand each other with ease. Then, their social interaction increases because it now becomes pleasant and desirable.

Q: “I am devastated and helpless to watch my 12-year-old son struggle with his speech. He has been stuttering since the age of 4. I’ve taken him to several Speech Therapists and have done everything they have told us to do, but his stuttering has continued to worsen. Can the Etalon Speech Unblocking Program help my son or should we wait until he becomes older and more mature”?

​A: Yes, The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course is designed to help you completely solve your son’s problem and correctly direct his speech development, with your efforts as a parent, and No, you should NOT wait until your son becomes older before enrolling in the course. Through our course, you will learn why your son makes speaking mistakes and what the mental blocks are that he has. You will understand what he needs to learn to normalize his speech and also learn how you can guide him in this process. After the course, even when he makes an unconscious mistake again, (e.g., while in a hurry), you will no longer feel devastated and helpless. You will have the knowledge and the ability to remind him what he needs to do to say the word correctly. This process is no different from how you would monitor your son’s homework in his preparation for a spelling test. After completion of the Etalon course, you will be able to help your son with the normalization of not only his speech but also with all other crucial functions of his body and mind, such as thinking, memory, and attention. As the result, your son will be able to dramatically improve the quality of his life. You will see a significant increase in his school grades and the number and quality of his new friends. Your stutter-free teenager will no longer avoid his participation in extra-curriculum activities in school and he will want to go out and communicate with people. The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course will empower you to open a great future for your son.

Q: “I am a high school student. I do not stutter when I speak alone or with my friends, but words just get stuck in my throat and will not come out when I attempt to talk in the classroom. I cannot even read out loud. Can your course cure me?

​A: Yes. The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course can “cure” you, that is if you consider yourself sick. The fact that you can speak normally in some situations indicates that you are a healthy person and do not require any “cure” or “treatment.” Just like all other people, you are born to speak normally, however, because you believe and act in speech according to some dis-information, you stutter sometimes. During the 3-Day class, your Etalon teacher will determine what the dis-information is within your mind that blocks your normal speech and makes you stutter. You will then learn practically to use your speech instrument for producing your words correctly at any time and anywhere. The Etalon information will unblock your mind and body almost instantly. You will know (have experienced) precisely what to do to answer the teacher’s questions, read out loud, and do presentations in the classroom. The Etalon knowledge will empower you to live stutter-free for the rest of your life!

Q: “I have worked as a court clerk for several years. All-day long, I sit in my cubical, enter the data on the computer and rarely talk to people. I’ve chosen this job because I stutter very badly and do not like to feel embarrassed in front of others. My boss likes the way I work and has now offered me a promotion with a higher pay position, however, I would need to communicate with customers. I am not sure if The Etalon Speech Unblocking course will help me improve my speech for such a position… will it?”

A: Yes, it will! Right after you graduate from the 3-Day Etalon Speech class, you will feel like thanking your boss for his promotion offer and will want to accept it! You will let your employer know that you are very excited about communicating with customers and that you will do your very best for the company. This will be a magnificent time in your developmental and professional self-growth. Graduates of our course frequently correspond with us about their speedy post-graduation career enhancement and the significant changes for the better, in the development of their personal and business relationships. Our graduates become noticed positively and promoted at their work, find the right partners, get married and begin raising children.

Q: “My father is a politician. He has invited me to work with him. I have considerable knowledge and want to be able to share it with people as a public speaker, but my stammering has gone out of control. It is unpredictable. When I speak in front of people, I feel blocked and ashamed of not being able to say even simple words. Will the Etalon Speech course help me with making my dream come true?”

A: Yes, you will have an excellent chance to utilize this opportunity of a lifetime after your Etalon graduation class. After you graduate, you will be able to join your father and become a politician, if you choose to. The opportunity that your Father has offered you certainly would require a very high level of speech mastery, which you would achieve in only 3 days of the Etalon Speech Unblocking course. How is it possible? It’s very simple, instead of your futile and harmful attempts to control your stuttering mistakes, you will always be in charge of performing correct speech actions. You will follow diligently the Natural Speech Norms and produce only normal speech!

Q: “I am working on my dream of becoming an actor. But I have recently not passed on 5 auditions because of my uncontrollable life-long stutter. Will the Etalon Speech course assist me in overcoming this barrier?”

A: Yes. The Etalon Speech Unblocking Course provides the foundation for adequate speech in any situation. Acting as an excellent choice for a speaking job. A successful actor/actress must have highly developed speech skills. He/she must speak according to the Natural Speech Norms in any situation. You will receive the Etalon knowledge about these norms and will learn to follow them practically over the 3-Day course. After your graduation, you may apply for the next audition right away. Following “Etalon” Natural Speech Norms will give you the power to always produce normal speech and never have unexpected mistakes, allowing for a greater probability of being selected for your desired acting role.

Q: “My job responsibility requires me to lead staff meetings. Every morning I give instructions to a small group of employees, but I’m too shy. I remember always having struggled with delivering presentations even in school… so I avoided them at all costs. It’s humiliating today, to see how people react to my stuttered speech. Some of them even laugh and others move their eyes away from me. Will the Etalon Speech Unblocking Course help me improve my public speaking ability and will I be able to lead my staff meetings without stuttering?

A: Yes, you will be capable of leading any meeting without stuttering if you follow the Natural Speech Norms acquired in the Etalon course. Delivering a presentation is a skill that all Etalon students learn during the 3-Day course. On the very first day, you will discover specific speech actions that all normal speakers perform when they present information in front of an audience. Then, you’ll test and grade your ability to speak in this speech mode for 2 more days. After graduation from the program, you will know how to prepare and deliver your public speech. If you make an occasional mistake (deviate from the norms) from being in a hurry, you’ll know how to correct it without guessing. You will quickly adjust your speech behavior back to the Natural Speech Norms and continue producing normal speech.

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