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Correcting Speech of People Who Stutter is written as A Guide For Etalon Speech Educators - representatives of a brand new profession. This book can be employed as a step-by-step training tool by a variety of specialists, therapists, and etalon speech trainers who want to learn how to quickly and 100% effectively help any stutterer. It is not recommended that the book be used as a guide by people who stutter because they are in need of guidance of a CERTIFIED Etalon Unblocking Master-Coach, trained to help stuttering students clearly understand and practically apply the revolutionary Etalon information. Such information is crucial for removing each of the INDIVIDUAL mental blocks of people who stutter and liberating their speech muscles for accurate and comfortable production of the ideal speech.

The Etalon unblocking of a human speech instrument and consciousness is a scientific revolution in the field of education. It was developed by an independent Russian scientist, Professor R. A. Snezhko, in 1998. Anna Deeter, M.A., an experienced speech therapist, has completed the entire professional training course with Mr. Snezhko and became licensed to teach the Etalon program in the English language in 2011. Both Etalon Speech Educators have demonstrated 100% successful results with over 10,000 students who were able to solve their life-long stuttering problem in individual 3-day Etalon Unblocking courses.

This breakthrough book is meant to end all the misconceptions regarding this so-called “speech fluency disorder” that has failed millions worldwide. Instead of viewing stuttering as a mysterious “illness” that needs to be cured or accepted, the Etalon science and this book view stuttering for what it really is – simple underdevelopment or immaturity of the muscular speaking skills and can be corrected in a very short time through education.

Skilled readers will be able to realize the ineffectiveness and the harm of any medical treatment, speech device, or a long-term speech training for dealing with any form of stuttering. This book takes a cutting-edge scientific approach to effectively end stuttering in only 1-3 days by enlightening students about the Natural Speech Norms and training them to follow these norms precisely in order to instantly normalize the functioning of their body, attention, thinking, and memory.

A Guide…. brings complete clarity to the stuttering phenomenon, explains what causes it, why people stutter, and what they need to do in order to eradicate it entirely. The purpose of this book is to put an end to the chaos, confusion, and inevitable deception in the field of helping millions who stutter. This textbook is intended to bring complete clarity to the understanding of the stuttering phenomenon and the way of eradicating it completely in just three calendar days. The authors have explained that stuttering is caused by a person’s block-stupor, which instantly discontinues any action of his/her mind, attention, body, and speech. People always stutter when they are inaccurate in their sensory perception, the natural algorithm, or adherence to the scope of the standard speaking action. Each time a person deviates from the Natural Speaking Norms, he/she inevitably produces abnormal speech. Through learning in-depth this breakthrough scientific information, the speech practitioner will be guided to discover how to effectively eliminate any form of stuttering in a student in the shortest time possible.


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